Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alumni Weekend & Homecoming?

It is a campus-wide event that takes place once a year on the Coral Gables campus, and the one time each year that all ’Canes - students, alumni, faculty, staff, families and friends come together in celebration of the U, it’s rich traditions and treasured memories!

When is Alumni Weekend & Homecoming this year?

November 7-9, 2019.

Why should I come to Alumni Weekend & Homecoming?

Alumni Weekend & Homecoming is truly a reason to celebrate! It is a time to return to your alma mater, reconnect with long-time friends, and relive the memories. It's a chance to see all of the changes on the Coral Gables campus, and to find out about the amazing things that are happening at the U! 

What graduating classes are celebrating a reunion this year? 

Class of 1969, Class of 1994, and Class of 2009.

What if my graduating class isn’t celebrating a reunion?

All alumni are invited back to enjoy all the Alumni Weekend & Homecoming festivities. In addition to the reunion celebrations, other events include the Audrey R. Finkelstein UM Experience  featuring ’Cane Talks, Alumni Lounge, the Homecoming parade, pep rally, boat burning, fireworks, Pregame Celebration, and the Homecoming Game. Additionally, schools and colleges, and affinity groups also host events during Alumni Weekend & Homecoming. There is definitely something for everyone, and new affinity groups are welcome!

When can I register online?

Registration opens August 2019.

When is registration closing?


Once I register, will I receive a confirmation of my order?


Is there a cancellation policy?


Do I have to be a UM alumnus to attend Alumni Weekend & Homecoming? 

No, everyone is welcome to attend Alumni Weekend & Homecoming events. Alumni Weekend & Homecoming is a community-wide event. Guests are welcome to register to attend! While we celebrate class reunions and all alumni, our extended Hurricane family is welcome and encouraged to join in the festivities!

Can guests pay at the door if they don’t register in advance?

Guests are encouraged to pre-register, as walk-ups are NOT guaranteed. Please note, only credit cards are accepted to pay for walk-up registrations.

Where can I find travel details and maps to get to campus?

Local and campus map and travel information is available online at

Is there a list of recommended or discounted hotels for alumni?

Yes. Please visit our travel page to view a list of hotels providing special Alumni Weekend & Homecoming rates.

Where can I park once I am on campus?

To view a map of the Coral Gables Campus, please click here. For more detailed information about campus parking and accessibility please visit the Parking & Transportation website. 

What is Alumni Lounge and where is it located?

Alumni Lounge is a place for alumni and friends to gather and enjoy music, games, tapas, spirits, and reconnect. Located in the heart of campus, Alumni Lounge is the place to be Friday night - to enjoy the boat burning and fireworks, to access campus eateries, food trucks, and to celebrate the University’s rich traditions! It will be hosted at the Whitten University Center’s Lakeside Patio (near Lake Osceola).

How much is Alumni Lounge?


What are affinity reunions and which ones are you celebrating this year?

Affinity reunions are groups with a shared experience such as a student organization or club, like Band of the Hour or Veterans/Military. It can also be a group that has formed through a common bond such as Black Alumni Society or LGBTQ ’Canes.

**A list of groups can be provided upon request and a list will also be maintained and updated regularly on the Alumni Weekend & Homecoming website. **

What does the UM Alumni Association Game Package include?

The Homecoming Game Package includes a game ticket and admission to the Homecoming Pregame Celebration.

How much is the Pregame Celebration by itself?  


What are the times for the Homecoming Pregame Celebration and kickoff for the Homecoming Game?


Where is the Pregame Celebration being held?

Hard Rock Stadium, Exact location is TBD.

Where are the game seats?


Where is the UM Homecoming football game taking place?

Hard Rock Stadium. 

Who is the artist for the Homecoming Concert and where is it taking place?


For Future Reference, Reunion Committee Questions:

I live out-of-state, and am interested in joining the Reunion Committee, but I can’t make meetings in Miami. What is my role on the committee? 

Most, if not all reunion meetings are conducted via conference calls in efforts to accommodate regional participation. We seek committee volunteers that reflect the regional diversity of our graduates as they are a valuable resources contacting fellow alumni.

I have an extremely busy schedule.  What is the Reunion Committee time commitment?

We only ask that each volunteer commit the time they are able to contribute.  We realize that some volunteers will be more involved than others, and that’s okay!  We look to our committees to give input when needed, help recruit attendees, and spread goodwill about Alumni Weekend & Homecoming in general.  There are a number of ways to be involved without taking up too much of your time.

How do I join a Reunion Committee?

Please click here to submit a ReUnite Form.

For Reunion Committee Members:

UM Alumni Association staff is available to answer any questions.  Please encourage people to contact our office toll-free at 1-866-UMALUMS (862-5867), 305-284-2872, or via E-mail at